Monday, May 10, 2010

About the 'Hindu Defense League '

The Hindu Defense League (HDL) is an Indian far-right single-issue organization formed in 2010. Its stated aim is to oppose the spread of Islam-ism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in India.HDL is a sister wing to IDL.

We, the Hindu Defense League, are a grass roots social movement who represent every walk of life, every race, every creed and every colour; from the working class to middle India. Our unity and diversity is our strength.

We have members that represent our culturally rich, “patriotic” and nation-loving populace. People who can see the threat of “Islamism” for what it is: a vile and virulent ideology based on 7th century barbarity, intolerance, hatred, subjugation and war.

Indian Defense League members recognise that this threat is one that must be stopped at all costs. Our Christian, Jewish, Sikh, and Hindu friends all have tales to tell with regard to Islamic Imperialism and “Orthodox Teachings”, in particular the Wahhabi/Salafi doctrine of “killing unbelievers if they refuse to be subdued by Islam”. As the Quran points out in Surah 5 verse 33.......

“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter”

Of course this all depends on the context of what “waging war” entails, and of course what constitutes “mischief in the land”. Well, to Islamists, the very notion of not believing in Allah means that you should be punished, as that is considered an act of war, an act of mischief that should be duly punished as Allah ordains clearly here in this verse.

As a movement we don’t hate all Muslims, we respect their right to practice their religion peacefully as long as it does not infringe on our culture, our way of life, our rule of law and our customs. If any non-Muslim was to visit a Muslim country then that person would be expected to respect their rule of law, their culture and their way of life. Who could disagree with that? What we don’t agree with are Muslims trying to import a doctrine of hate, intolerance and murder into this country, and trying to promote it and institutionalize it through unregulated Mosques, funded by Wahhabi st petro dollars.

We also don't agree with the stealthy introduction of Sharia into our legal system. This Islamic legal system persecutes women to the mere status of a man's “property”. It does not recognize marital rape, it does not recognize gay rights, it does not recognize many factors contained in the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. We have had enough, why should anyone tolerate intolerance?

Again we must re-iterate that we do not have any problem with law-abiding, respectful, peaceful Muslims who integrate and contribute positively to society. Muslims who love and respect our country are welcome. The IDL was never set up to discriminate against all Muslims.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wake Up Hindus!

This blog will take only your 5 minutes but I am sure you all can donate this much time towards the future of our country. We believe that until 1947 we were slaves of the British. Since that year we have been the slaves of the Muslims. You all must be wondering “SLAVES”. Well, let’s see, how?

1. They demanded FIVE PROVINCES. We gave them the lot PLUS North Kashmir.

2. After PARTITION they were supposed to be "persona non grata" in India but we started shouting, "HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI"
So when the "brothers" demanded full Indian citizenship despite Partition we could not refuse them. How could we?

3. They demanded Hajj facilities, too. We gave them.
After all, they were coming back with charged spiritual batteries to "sort us Infidels out".

4. They demanded Kashmiris' right to buy property in India but NOT VICE VERSA. We agreed and put Article 370 in Constitution to make them very happy.

5. They dare us to remove Article 370 from Constitution. We dare not.

6. They did not want any reference to PARTITION. We obliged. We make them very happy by calling it "INDEPENDENCE". Some secular Hindu stalwarts go as far out as to suggest that "DELHI was the gift of Islam to India in 1947." Rightly they could have CLAIMED it along with Lahore.

7. They do not wish to see a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM built anywhere. We comply.

8. We sometimes surprise them by giving them what they even do not demand or expect, e.g., the post of SUPREME COMMANDER of India. We don't even laugh at the ludicrous idea of a MUSALMAAN defending the Land of Infidels.

9. They demand that all Hindu girls marrying a Muslim must convert to Islam. We say, "No objection, Sires."

10. They say any Muslim embracing Hindu faith will be assassinated. We concur.

11. They say, "We will go ISLAMIC in our Pakistan but YOU cannot make (what is left of) India a Hindu Rashtra." We couldn't agree more.

12. They say, "Do not build Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya." We comply.

13. They say, "Do not celebrate any victory over Pakistan or Islam. We will be offended." We don't.

14. They say, "The demography of SOUTH KASHMIR cannot be altered." We shout, "YES, SIR."

15. They say, "Regard us INDIGENOUS and not alien like the British." We say, "Sir, you are more than indigenous. You are natives like us. Our own starving warriors used to eat dates imported from Arabia for potency."

16. They say, "Put the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak under the flag of Mohammed of Saudi Arabia." We ask, puzzled, "Why not, Sir?" They quicly add, "But if YOU enter the Janmasthan of Rasul Allah Mohammed in Mecca you will be BEHEADED." We reply, "Seems most reasonable to us."

17. They say, "Any derogatory reference to Aurangzeb as the Butcher, should be deleted from your text books." We comply.

18. They say, "Describe the Mogul Era as the Golden Era of Hindusthan." We say, "You are right, Sir. Even the British were barbarians when compared to the shining likes of Babur and Jehangir. And it was an honour for Rajput princesses to entertain Emperor Akbar every night."

19. They say, "Build grand memorials to those who fired at the British but not one to those who wounded a Mohammedan." We say, "That's what we are doing. See the Grand Memorial at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar but you WON'T find any memorial to Banda Singh Bahadur who sacked Sarhind or to Gen Hari Singh Nalwa who showed the temerity to conquer KHYBER."

20. They ask, "Will there be a Hindu actor in Bollywood, doing to Muslim females what our KHANS are doing to Hindu maidens?" We reply, "Of course not. We do not wish our cinema halls to be burnt down to ash along with the spectators inside. Do we?"

21, "By the way," they say, "Our cousins will be coming from Pakistan to bomb your markets, stock exchanges, railway stations, temples, hotels and even the Parliament. Will you send any of your volunteers to throw a bomb at any bus stop or bridge in Pakistan?" We reply, "No Sir, never."

22. They ask us to support PLO. We reply, "Sir, we Hindus do not like Israel who is occupying your territory. How dare she? But we don't mind in the least YOUR occupying our Lahore and North Kashmir. May you stay there FOR EVER."

23. We continue, "Oh, we forgot. Though there is not a Hindu to be seen anywhere in Baluchistan, we do confess to our mischief of inciting the Baluchs to throw fire on your ISLAMABAD. We confess our guilt.

Furthermore Sir, though we do have (yes, do have) a big nuclear bomb but we swear by our Bapu Gandhi that we will NOT be the FIRST to drop it. We will let YOU be the first."

24. We add, "Though we have a Hindu (in name only) University at Varanasi it will be ridiculed for not being secular and starved of funds but we will enrich the Aligarh Muslim University in order to inspire your people for another Partition."

25, They said, “Saudi Arabia is so sacred to Islam that an Infidel cannot enter Mecca unless he wants to be beheaded.” We reply,”Please don’t take the trouble to lift the sword. We shall always send a Muslim as the ambassador from our Land of Rishis and Vedas.”

We still have a long list to appease you, Sir, but we conclude,
"Any assassin of a Gandhi will be promptly HANGED TO DEATH since the death of ONE Gandhi or Musalmaan is like the death of all mankind but the death of a thousand Hindus is not even worth the mention.
We hope you are happy with us. All we want is the Certificate of being Secular."

What else is left for us to give them except making at least one child in each Hindu family a MUSLIM?


Hindus will be sovereign in Delhi like the Muslims in Lahore only when India becomes HINDU RASHTRA.

"Hinduism is not a religion it is a way of life"

Please think over these friends and post your comments on the group wall.

Jai Hind!!